Hi. I’m Sebastien Page. I started an Apple-focused site called iDownloadBlog.com back in 2008.

This is my personal site where you will find a collection of thoughts and bookmarks about just about anything, but mostly tech-related.

I’m kind of social (Twitter) and I love to take photos with my iPhone (Instagram).

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  1. Nice way of life, Sebatien! I work as an ad strategist in Porto Alegre, south of Brazil, for Wal-Mart and other clients. I’ve got so many friends living in San Diego and they love it, they’re my “surf friends”. We went to Australia and New Zeland surfing all the coast (Sunshine Coast, Lennox Head, Gold, Newcastle, Coff’s Harbour to Regland, Piha…) I’ve got a fantastic dog too and it’s really nice to meet some people with similar visions as you.

    I hope we could meet one day. I’m already following you.



  2. Thanks for dropping by, Matt. I don’t really have a strategy for my affiliate programs. I guess the goal is to find a niche market. Once you find this, simply put up and good sales letter, find as many related keywords as you can, and advertise the hell out of it on Google.

  3. Thanks for the last response. One last question how much do you find you spend in the beginning to market and how fast did you make a return.

    With that what is a good ratio of money spent marketing vs money made in commissions.

    Thanks again!

  4. It completely depends on the product. I usually spend between $50 and $90 a day on Adwords. I usually make between $170 and $240 from that.

  5. hey sebastien, i am gurtey (living in Mumbai)
    Its great that you have been making money in affiliate marketing, coz ive got many of my friends whove put up the investment and struggling to recover, so can you share some affiliate marketing tips

    you seem to be an intresting writer feel free to contact me and write for my blog here
    http://www.gurtey.com (we can have a dea, like i will give you link back)

    email: b.sunil47@yahoo.in


  6. Hi, Sebastian

    I’m impressed with your Twitter following in 35 days. I’d like to invite you to contribute a post to VatorNews about how others can do the same.


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  9. i signed up with the Amazon Omakaze affiliate program. i am not yet earning from this affiliate program because my blog is still very new.*,`

  10. yo wassup i just want to told you you have a nice name i got the same i live in longnueuil quebec and my name is Sébastien Pagé it funny lol so peace

  11. Hay Sebastien,
    Congratulations for you and Tina for your Marriage, and I wish you happiness and prosperity in your job and your personal life.

    Yaseen AlSuwaidan
    Saudi Arabia.

  12. hi sebastian
    nice to see your blog, I am the cigar bartender
    I met you in the adventure of the seas.

    take care

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  14. composed by sbsbsb0416 I am not new to blogging and truly appreciate your site. There is much prime content that peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your web site and keep checking you out.

  15. Is it possible to have AirDrop on my Ipad3? I find it frustrating beening unable to have it. It look like the same skeam as the Siri was.

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