The fight you shouldn’t fight

Lockhart Steele, founder of, on how to deal (or rather not deal) with people who can’t understand why you’re doing things a certain way on your own site:

Never complain—so when people are mad at you or people are throwing stones at you, or people are saying things like, Hey, you must be getting paid, you never respond. You never need to. And you never complain about what’s going on. Your work speaks for itself. If a reader can’t figure out what you’re doing, or it upsets them, or they think that it’s really fundamentally stupid that you’re writing about this thing all of the time, great news—they don’t have to read your publication. It’s a free world and our publication is here for those who are amused by it. So we will never explain why we were obsessed with something; it should be self-evident. If it’s not self-evident to you, there are many other food blogs out there, and perhaps Eater’s not the one for you.

I love the idea of it, but after 7 years of blogging, I still can’t help it sometimes. I still have to jump in the comments and explain people the gist of what we do. It’s a mistake though, because it’s an argument you never win, and as MG Siegler puts it, it’s a fight you shouldn’t even fight to begin with.

If you don’t like what I do, just move on to the next Apple blog. There are literally hundreds of them out there.