20 Things to Say to Deliver a Killer Steve Jobsesque Presentation

Whether you’re an Apple lover or hater, there is one thing you can’t deny: it’s the powerful and compelling presentation that Steve Jobs gives when he’s on stage. Not only Steve Jobs is a charismatic man, but he also knows how to play with our emotions and make us want to buy whatever he’s selling.

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to speak like Steve Jobs. However, you can borrow some of his tricks to use in your own presentation. The way Steve Jobs does it is by repeatedly using very strong adjectives, basically brainwashing you to think that what he’s talking about is indeed “wonderful”.

Today, I’d like to share these adjectives with you so you can try to include them in your next presentation, sales pitch, or whatever you want to use them for.

Do you have more words we should add to this list? Feel free to chip in by adding a comment.

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  • BLH

    “19 Things to Say . . . ” might be a more accurate post title since Incredible is listed twice.

  • http://www.sebastienpage.com Sebastien

    I know, I accidentally listed “incredible” twice…

  • niko

    viva liffol
    viva italia
    viva veneto
    & viva la dev-team & geohot

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    Oh Steve. Everyone loves that guy. I can’t stand him.

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    You either love him or hate him i think. Thanks for the tips ;-)

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    Omg wats all about that guy?
    Looks not special

    Greets: Carte Blanche Gistel,Belgium

    Sorry for my english :)

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    I’d just call it, “19 Words That Accurately Describe Apple Products”. lol jk *Good Post*

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    nice list but I agree with BLH

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    Thanks for your post! Everyone loved Steve Jobs. He was THE Innovator of this generation. Most people would not achieve what he did in 10 lifetimes, much less a life that’s been cut short.