Rolex Explorer II Polar Dial Homage Build

For my second build, I went for the Rolex Explorer II Polar dial style, a watch that has peeked my interest as of late for its clean and distinguished look.

This build is an homage of sort to this beautiful time piece.


Building my first watch

For some time now I’ve been looking into how to build a watch, both on Google and YouTube. I was specifically looking for a tutorial that would walk me through the entire process, from parts selection to the actual build. After several hours of research, I didn’t find anything satisfying.

Then I stumbled upon watch modding, which as the name suggests, is about taking an existing watch, and changing a few things here and there to make it your own. It turned out that Seiko watches are the most popular watches to mod because there are just tons of parts for them out there.

I didn’t want to mod a watch but rather build one…

So I decided to source all the parts to effectively create a watch from scratch. Obviously, I didn’t build the movement, but everything else was sourced from various websites so I could assemble it all.


Where to find Seiko mod parts

With my interest in watches growing, I have started to look into modding, which seems to be the first step to watchmaking.

After a bit of digging around, it appears Seiko watches are the easiest to mod, mostly because there are tons of parts available for them.

Instead of bookmarking these and keeping them to myself, I figured it would be better to simply list all of my findings here for everyone to benefit from.


Where to find good quality watch straps

This is my selection of good quality watch straps.


The self-healing properties of stainless steel

I have made pretty significant scratches on my Panerai over a short period of time, which has caused me to stress about it and look for potential fixes.

But without doing anything in particular, I noticed that after a few days, some of the scratches had almost entirely disappeared, leaving just a faint mark. This made me wonder, is stainless steel actually capable of healing itself?


We’re moving to France

It has nothing to do with the quickly changing political landscape in the US, but I guess it comes at the right time…

Business Internet

Ad blockers and the loss of revenue

Writing for Venture Beat, Gerhard Stiene wonders whether ad blocking is theft. I wouldn’t go as far as calling it theft, but it sure one cause of loss of revenue.


Achievement unlocked: 6,000 steps a day for 100 days in a row

Today marks a pretty big milestone for me as I have been reaching my goal of walking 6,000 steps a day for 100 days in a row, usually beating that goal by a few hundred to a few thousand steps. It’s a small achievement but an achievement nonetheless.

Blogging Internet SEO

The Panda Slap

If you run a website and have basic interest in SEO, you probably heard that Google recently released their so-called Panda update, a change in algorithm aimed at getting rid of the shitty sites such as and similar content farms.

The change in the algorithm came in 2 iterations. The first one came out on February 24th, in the US only, affecting about 10% of search queries. The second one was released on April 11th and was rolled out in the rest of English-speaking countries, also making a slight change to the US algo, which supposedly affects an additional 2% of US queries.

On the morning of February 25th, I was glad to see that my iPhone blog had gone through the update and came out unhurt. Even better than that, it seemed I was doing even better in search engines. It was nice to see Google recognizing me as a good resource. Then on April 12, everything changed when I realized the second iteration of the Panda update had slapped me in the face. Big time!


20 Things to Say to Deliver a Killer Steve Jobsesque Presentation

Whether you’re an Apple lover or hater, there is one thing you can’t deny: it’s the powerful and compelling presentation that Steve Jobs gives when he’s on stage. Not only Steve Jobs is a charismatic man, but he also knows how to play with our emotions and make us want to buy whatever he’s selling.

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never be able to speak like Steve Jobs. However, you can borrow some of his tricks to use in your own presentation. The way Steve Jobs does it is by repeatedly using very strong adjectives, basically brainwashing you to think that what he’s talking about is indeed “wonderful”.

Today, I’d like to share these adjectives with you so you can try to include them in your next presentation, sales pitch, or whatever you want to use them for.