Where to find Seiko mod parts

With my interest in watches growing, I have started to look into modding, which seems to be the first step to watchmaking.

After a bit of digging around, it appears Seiko watches are the easiest to mod, mostly because there are tons of parts available for them.

Instead of bookmarking these and keeping them to myself, I figured it would be better to simply list all of my findings here for everyone to benefit from.

List of Seiko mod parts suppliers

AJuiceT: a small collection of hands, dials, cases, and more.

Crystal Times: probably the reference of everything related to Seiko mod parts, including crystals, cases, movements, and more.

Dagaz Watch: a messy looking site with a small yet good selection of parts.

DLW: various parts including bezels, bezel inserts, chapter rings, etc.

Komo: a small collection of high quality parts.

Long Island Watch: various parts for Seiko mods.

Lucius Atelier: various parts including some amazing dials you won’t find anywhere else.

Lumed Ceramic Bezel Inserts: high quality ceramic bezel inserts for Seiko.

Namoki: large provider of pretty much every parts you may need for a mod.

One Second Closer: custom watch parts such as bezel inserts, dials, and more.

Raffles Time: a small selection of non-branded dials and hands.

Seiko Crown: a site specializing in personalized and tailor-made crown engravings.

The Happy Sushi: rare parts for your watch built and mods.

Watch & Style: quality Seiko mod parts.

Watch Parts Plaza: mostly OEM Seiko parts.

Yobokies: a mix bag of everything for Seiko mods.