Google Adsense For Search

adsense for searchYesterday, Google officially announced the availability of AdSense for Search for use in combination with the powerful Google Custom Search service, something not possible until now and potentially very welcome to both small and large professional web publishers looking for further ways to optimize their content monetization opportunities while helping their readers find more easily the information they are looking for.

Overview of AdSense for Search Integration With Custom Search:

  • Create a custom, personalized search engine in no time at all
  • Customize the appearance of search results and ads
  • Tune results and ads to your site’s content and audience
  • Get more comprehensive site search results with improved indexing
  • Earn revenue while helping your users find what they’re looking for

Here is a short video that tell you all about it…

8 Press Release Tips

Rebecca wrote a good post over at SEOmoz about online Press Releases. The post is quite lengthy so I just picked what I think are the key points:

  1. Spend a lot of time on the headline. It may be your only chance to sell the news to your audience. The subhead/summary should enhance the headline.
  2. The body should answer who/what/where/when/why.
  3. Include 2-3 quotations from principals. The media and bloggers are attracted to these.
  4. Use a journalistic voice (just the facts).
  5. Don’t sell—this isn’t an advertisement.
  6. Know which keywords and phrases you want the press release to rank for, and only focus on 2 or 3 keywords/phrases per release.
  7. Use the keywords in the headline, subheader, and early in the body of the release.
  8. Link back to the relevant pages in your site using the keywords as anchor text.

Read the full post here.