Grow before you go!

Growstaching has become increasingly popular within the last few months, especially among minorities. Considered by some as an art, considered by others as a sport, I simply call it a “spart”. Growstaching is much more than a spart though. It’s a way of life that requires full commitment! It is a great way to improve self esteem and self confidence, while giving you a certain “je ne sais quoi”….

For those of you who don’t know, my cousin and I are growstaching (growing a mustache) for our trip to El Salvador in a couple weeks.

At day 15 of my quest for the perfect mustache, I have to say that I feel much more comfortable with it now… People are still looking at me funny. I was called “ese” by some Mexican dude, so I guess the stache is getting some respect…

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Jeremy’s Stache At Day 17

Here is Jeremy at day 17 of his mustache project. I must admit it looks kinda weird. It almost makes me feel uncomfortable.

jeremy\'s stache day 17

I think he looks like Ben Stiller in DodgeBall… He also looks like a bad porn star from the 70’s. Pay respect to the man though! This guy has to face his office coworkers on a daily basis. I’m not even talking about what his neighbors might think of him.

I am entering day 8 of my mustache growing project. Follow my day to day project on my Flickr page.