Qtrax Signs Deal With UMG to Allow Free Music Download

QtraxA big day for the music industry. First, Nine Inch Nails that started making their latest album free for download; and now Universal Music Group (by the way, they’re French) confirms a deal with file-sharing site Qtrax to allow free, legal downloads of UMG music.

Here is what Qtrax says about Qtrax:

Qtrax is the world’s first free and legal peer-to-peer (P2P) digital music site. Music lovers can discover new music and legally download full-length, high-quality versions of their favorite songs while compensating both the artists and the record labels through non-intrusive and relevant advertising. Qtrax has the unparalleled support of the major record labels and all of their respective publishing divisions. LTDnetwork Inc, a division of Brilliant Technologies Corporation, developed Qtrax and its components.

Again, advertising will pay for what you get but I think it’s the beginning of a new, long-awaited era.

Qtrax is currently on private beta test but you can sign up on the website to know when it’s releases to general public.