Apples In Stereo

Apples In StereoAfter a five-year absence, Apples in Stereo have returned with a sprawling and lush masterpiece. Their founding principle of the DIY approach to recording has remained in place, but the nearly 15 years of technological progress has made such ways of working yield significantly more robust sounds. Robert Schneider’s songs have always harked back to the pop artistry of Brian Wilson and Jeff Lynne, as well as such near contemporaries as Pavement. New Magnetic Wonder offers a more lush sweep of sound. It’s varied, dazzling, and full of surprises. There’s the keyboard-based pop of “Same Old Drag,” the hypnotic muscle of “Sunndal Song” (sung by drummer Hilarie Sidney, who’s recently departed to work with her own band), and the sprawling, four-part “Beautiful Machine.” Depending on who’s listening and what song they’re hearing, there are many different ways to describe this band. Ultimately, they gently demand that you take them on their own terms, rewarding handsomely all those who make the glorious plunge.

Download the song “Energy” for FREE

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The Geometry Of Sound

Look at this great experiment and see how shapes are formed depending on the sound. That is pretty amazing. Thank you OpenCulture for this great finding!

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Swiv Tackle Circus

What better than good friends, art, an open bar and a cool new location in Ghetto By The Sea Oceanside? Scotty, Jason, Tina, Sean and I went to Swiv Tackle Circus‘ 2nd exhibition to see new works by Lisa Solberg. Lisa’s collection is called “I Spy Yin Yang”. I didn’t get to take pictures of Lisa’s art but you can find some on her website. Hope she won’t mind me copy/pasting some of it…

Lisa Solberg about her and her work:

I believe in expressionism with a mural/street art facade. Raw, energetic, truthful and as little as possible. Refined and edited and purged until you have nothing left besides truth. Simplicity is a vehicle to expose authenticity. The pure and conscience reality in which we all strive in this mayhem world. My comfort level lives in a chaotic world, the beauty of the unknown and the absolution in a numerical equation. I am a slave to natural numbers and have shapes and colors swimming through my head…

The exhibition/party was musically driven with some sick house music spinned by DJ BlackAss.

So what is Swiv Tackle Circus? Well, let’s see how they describe themselves…

Dreams really do come true in the world of Swiv Tackle Circus! Debuting the strong yet delicate tightrope balance of a clean, well-lit gallery in one circustacular ring pulled to an uber chic, tantalizingly premium boutique in the other. Walk into a space so large, you feel you are under the big top with Ringmaster Blackass as your guide! Once a child, always a child. The future is a sophisticated palace and we are here to satisfy. Part gallery, part boutique, über Gallertique.

I love the “part gallery, part boutique, über Gallertique” concept. Swiv Tackle Circus is a place where you can enjoy good art and shop for some of your my favorite brands such as Obey.

The Gallertique is also all about philanthropy! They actively support the Keep A Breath Foundation, a nonprofit breast cancer awareness organization unlike any other. Their mission is to help eradicate breast cancer by informing young people about methods of prevention, early detection and support. Through art events, educational programs and fundraising efforts they seek to increase breast cancer awareness among young people so they are better equipped to make choices and develop habits that will benefit their long-term health and well-being. Learn more about the foundation here.

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Free Streaming Radio On iPhone With FlyTunes

flytunesWant to listen your favorite radio station on your iPhone? well, you’re gonna have to wait until Apple adds a built-in FM radio to it…

However, while you’re waiting, you may want to check out FlyTunes.

FlyTunes is a free service that gives you portable music and talk radio that’s better than Satellite radio, easy to use, and works on the iPhone.

FlyTunes has over 375 unique channels of music, news, & sports that you can listen to and watch anywhere. Most FlyTunes channels work on the EDGE network, so you can listen even when there’s no WiFi around.

It is very fast to start the streaming and no hiccup so far…

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iSlsk: filesharing for iPhone

Developer Errrick created iSlsk, a new filesharing client for jailbroken iPhones that works with the Soulseek network, by basing it on open source versions of the client for the Mac.

iSlsk lets iPhone users search for and download files directly on their phone. The software also imports downloaded files to the iPod music database so that they can be played with native iPhone controls.

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Qtrax Signs Deal With UMG to Allow Free Music Download

QtraxA big day for the music industry. First, Nine Inch Nails that started making their latest album free for download; and now Universal Music Group (by the way, they’re French) confirms a deal with file-sharing site Qtrax to allow free, legal downloads of UMG music.

Here is what Qtrax says about Qtrax:

Qtrax is the world’s first free and legal peer-to-peer (P2P) digital music site. Music lovers can discover new music and legally download full-length, high-quality versions of their favorite songs while compensating both the artists and the record labels through non-intrusive and relevant advertising. Qtrax has the unparalleled support of the major record labels and all of their respective publishing divisions. LTDnetwork Inc, a division of Brilliant Technologies Corporation, developed Qtrax and its components.

Again, advertising will pay for what you get but I think it’s the beginning of a new, long-awaited era.

Qtrax is currently on private beta test but you can sign up on the website to know when it’s releases to general public.


Nine Inch Nails latest album free

Nine Inch NailsHas RadioHead started a new trend in the music distribution business? I sure hope so. Nine Inch Nails made its latest album available for download for free. While I’m not a big fan of NIN, I think it is a great move. I’ve never felt compelled to pay for music. I only pay music when it is small bands that will never make it. I pay indirectly pay for my music by buying tickets to go see bands live in concert.

Download NIN’s latest album here.


RadioHead says “no more free music”

In RainbowsThom Yorke, RadioHead frontman, just said the band won’t be repeating its initiative to let fans pay what they want for their downloads.

When In Rainbows came out last October, RadioHead shook the whole music industry by letting its fans pay whatever they wanted to download the album. The band has not communicated whether the initiative was a success or a failure.


Walter Ferguson

Walter FergusonHere is the one artist that made me buy music for the first time on iTunes. Yes, I spent $.99/song for the first time this week. And you know what? It was well worth my money!

Walter Ferguson was born in Guabito, Panama. His family soon settled in Costa Rica and he spent most of his childhood in Jamaica Town, a neighborhood in Port Limon. There he lived in his aunt´s house, where he used to receive organ lessons. His parents moved to Cahuita, a small hamlet in the far South of the province, where he lives until today.



Foals | AntidotesHere is one band that deserve your attention! Foals are an indie rock band from Oxford, England. Their first album, Antidotes, came out a couple weeks ago. I downloaded their album illegally but now I feel bad because I really like their music. I guess I will buy tickets to go see them whenever they come in town.