Aid That Franchisors Provide to Franchisees

Franchisors typically provide lots of aid to their franchisees, including the following:

Training/Operations manual:

Franchisors provide their franchisees with a detailed operations manual that contains instructions for carrying out their operating system. The operations manual lists the rules, standards and specifications of the franchise as well as the specific responsibilities and tasks of the franchisor. Information such as performance/management standards, processes and protocol and employee roles is also contained in the manual. In addition to an operations manual, franchisors provide operating system and business training for franchisees. Training can take place at any location designated by the franchisor, including corporate headquarters.

Financial Assistance:

While not all franchisors offer financial assistance, many have financing programs in place to help their franchisees


The vast majority of franchisors offer ongoing support to their franchisees, i.e. administrative (human resources, accounting) support and/or technical support. Additionally, franchisors advise on insurance requirements, employee issues, and any other matters of concern relating to franchise operation. Nearly all franchisors provide franchisees with hotlines for ongoing support.

Location Selection:

A number of franchisors either select a location for their franchisees or help franchisees select a location. This is particularly beneficial to franchisees because franchisors have experience with choosing successful locations.


National and local advertising efforts are generally initiated by franchisors on behalf of their franchisees. Franchisors use direct mail campaigns, public media relations efforts, and TV/radio commercials to advertise, and either require franchisees to pay into a fund or offer a split-cost co-op arrangement.

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