Another shark attack. This time it’s in Mexico

A shark attacked and killed an American tourist surfing off a beach on Mexico’s Pacific coast, police said on Tuesday.

A gray shark bit 24-year-old San Francisco resident Adrian Ruiz in the leg on Monday, opening a 14-inch wound from his hip to his knee and exposing his femur, the public security ministry in the state of Guerrero said in a statement.

Ruiz, who was surfing near the beach town of Troncones, about 22 miles north of the Ixtapa holiday resort, was pulled to the beach by a friend and taken to a hospital where he died of blood loss.

Fatal shark attacks in Mexico are uncommon. The last one was in the Caribbean in 1997, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History’s International Shark Attack File. No one has been killed by a shark in Guerrero state since 1977.

2 replies on “Another shark attack. This time it’s in Mexico”

If this killer shark keeps heading south you are not going to be going to El Salvador!!! Ummmm yummy sebastien… A shark would eat you in one bite.

Was the guy above wearing a wet suit? Its really sad.

I don’t know if he was wearing a seal outfit or not but that’s kinda scary. Two people killed by a shark in less than a week. Statistically speaking, it shouldn’t happen again until next year!

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