Calculate Your Impact in the Environment


You’ve read the news—everyone wants to be green now. But do you really know how your personal choices are adding up? What about the choices of your fellow citizens? How well are people around the globe adopting behaviors that can make the world a more environmentally sustainable place?

National Geographic and the international polling firm GlobeScan have just conducted a study measuring and monitoring consumer progress toward environmentally sustainable consumption in 14 countries around the world.

The result: the National Geographic/GlobeScan “Consumer Greendex,” a scientifically derived sustainable consumption index of actual consumer behavior and material lifestyles across 14 countries. The Greendex will be tracked over time and will be comparable across the selection of countries representing both the developed and developing world.

Answer these questions, then go to Calculate, and you’ll learn what your own personal Greendex number is. My Greendex number was 40, which is much better than average!

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