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Control your home lights from your cellphone with Twitter!

By connecting his cellphone with his Twitter account, this guy is able to turn his lights on/off. Pretty cool isn’t it. One question remains though: why use your cellphone to turn off your lights when you can just get up and switch off the light? Ok, ok, I get it. The result doesn’t matter; what matters is that you can do it.


How to make an inexpensive multi-touch pad

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Rocketman flies with jet-pack strapped to his back

The self-built contraption took the former fighter pilot five years to build and perfect – and yesterday he gave it its maiden flight.

Stepping out of an aircraft at 7,500ft, Rossy unfolded the 10ft rigid wings strapped to his back as he plummeted earthwards.

Passing from freefall into a gentle glide, he triggered the four jet turbines and accelerated to 190mph above the mountaintops.

With his first big test under his belt, Rossy, 48, is ready for bigger challenges: he plans to cross the English Channel later this year, before attempting to fly through the Grand Canyon.

So far, Rossy and his sponsors have poured more than $240,000 and countless hours into building the device.

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Magic Wheel: a mix between skateboard, rollerblade and unicycle

Europeans just made a new usage of this tool created in the 4th millenium BC, the wheel. It’s hard to explain what Magic Wheel really is. I guess it’s easier to just watch this video and visit the company’s website.

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Microsoft Worldwide Telescope

microsoft worldwide telescopeMicrosoft released today what you may call a “space version of Google earth”, a free software application called WorldWide Telescope that allows everyone from space novices to astronomy professors to easily explore galaxies, star systems and distant planets.

The WorldWide Telescope stitches together 12 terabytes (the data equivalent of 2.6 billion pages of text) of pictures from sources including the Hubble Space Telescope, the Chandra X-Ray Observatory Center and the Spitzer Space Telescope.

The experience is similar to playing a video game, allowing you to zoom in and out of galaxies that are thousands of light years away. It allows seamless viewing of far-away star systems and rarely-seen space dust in breathtaking clarity.

The software allows users to develop their own guided tours of the universe to share with others or take part a guided tour created by astronomy experts.

Download it here.

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Free Conference Call Service

I totally endorse for their free conference call services. Here is why I think they’re the best:

  • It’s free
  • Free individual call recordings (my favorite feature)
  • Up to 150 participants for 6 hours each call
  • No reservation required
  • Multiple accounts for each dial-in number
  • Customer service support
  • Convenient online account management tools
  • Post conference summary reports
  • Use anytime 24/7
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Xobni is changing the way I manage emails

xobniXobni (“inbox” spelled backwards and pronounced zob-nee) has produced a free downloadable software that, once installed, indexes all the e-mail in Outlook and makes those messages quickly and easily searchable.

The most useful part of Xobni is how it indexes and threads content. The program lists emails in “conversations” a la Gmail, so you’ll see all the back-and-forth replies to any message together in one window within Outlook (Xobni runs as a sidebar inside the program). Having all that info so readily available, without even having to navigate away from your current message is quite convenient.

Xobni also saves you time on searching for those old email attachments. When you have an email open, Xobni’s displays a box that shows you every single file you’ve ever exchanged with a person and lets you easily access them.

xobni in outlook

Another neat feature is you get all their contact info, including phone numbers extracted from their past emails. Xobni will pull their digits from their signature and save them for you, without you ever having to do a thing.

Xobni comes with many more features such as analytics, people relationships, etc…

The company was founded by two former graduate students who met on internships in Washington in 2006. Last year the co-founders went through a Silicon Valley start-up boot camp, called Y Combinator, where they received an initial investment and temporary offices.

In February, Bill Gates demonstrated the program at Microsoft’s San Jose developers’ conference and called it “the next generation in social networking.”

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Operate your computer by power of thought

Russian scientists won a $750,000 award for the development of the systems of the mental computer control. For the next 18 months they are going to develop programs and make a research that will help them to create such a system.


How does that work? Special equipment catches brain signals that go through the metal helmet with electrodes. Then with the help of a signal enhancer the signal will go to the computer.

This will make the life of disabled people much easier. Those who can’t move will be able to write email letters and even IM people around the world.