Endorsing Twitter

I very rarely endorse products or services (besides the iPhone;-) but I’d like to share a new website I really like with you guys.

TwitterYou may already know about it. It’s called Twitter. is one of these new social networking sites that I believe is the future of the Internet. Anyways. Here is the pitch about Twitter: it is a service that allows you to know what your friends (or family or favorite band or whatever) is doing at all time.

Twitter is a mix of instant messaging and text messaging. You have a list of your friends and each of your friends can update his “status” at any time. For example, I went surfing this morning and I twittered “it is small but I really need to get wet. Gone surfing!”.

All of my friends (or followers as they call it on twitter) can then see this message and they can either not care at all, or reply to me, or even write something about what they are doing at the moment. If you’re going to a party, you can say something like “party at Jason’s – 1441 Grant Street. Be there or be square”.

Basically, it’s a way to update your friends and stay connected with them.

Now you might think, “oh no, one more of these myspace type of thing”. Well, no! You just need to sign up for twitter and start building your friends list and that’s it. You don’t have to upload pictures, visit people profiles or anything time consuming at all. Again, Twitter is just like text messaging to all your friends.

What’s also cool about it is that if you use iGoogle (personalized google homepage), you can add a little widget to your google homepage and have your twitter account loaded on there so you don’t even have to log on to

I feel like a big dork for doing that but I’d like to see more of you guys on it. So go to, create an account and add me to your friends. My username is sebastienpage.