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FaceBook is so annoying

I never liked FaceBook. I created an account a few months ago just to see how it FaceBook Sucksworks. After adding a few friends (actual friends), I quickly became annoyed and overwhelmed by the amount of useless information.

I had heard that FaceBook was a cleaner MySpace. This is wrong! FaceBook is everything but clean. All these crappy little apps are bothering the hell out of me. The page is cluttered and make it very hard to read or understand what you’re doing.

This article on Fortune has some good points too.

Facebook, the 71-million-member social network, has attracted lots of adults during the last year as it became a global technology cause celebre. But I’m hearing more and more of these grown-up newbies questioning whether the service is really worth their time. Some find it more annoying than useful, and can’t really figure out any benefit.

Yes, what’s the benefit? I already have MySpace!