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How to Find And Register A Good Domain Name


A good domain name can be a very valuable asset for your business or your online presence. In many cases, it will appear on your business cards, stationery, etc… In short, it is completely part of your branding.

Finding the right domain name is not always easy and can be a decision that will stick to you. This article will give you an overview on how to find, buy, and register a domain name. Before hurrying to register a domain name, make sure you take the following advice into consideration.

Things to Consider When Buying A Domain Name

If you’re going to start your own blog, I suggest you buy your name (ie If you don’t want to use your own name, then try to find something meaningful and related to the topic you’ll want to cover in your blog.

If you want to blog about gardening tips for example, look for a domain with the words “gardening” and “tips” in there because these are your main keywords and they will help you rank better in search engines later on.

When searching for possible domain names, always remember that it has to be simple, short, descriptive. I always say that if you had to advertise your site on the radio, your domain name should be concise enough so people remember it. Could people easily remember Pronounce this out loud and you’ll realize how “radio unfriendly” it is.

Tips For Selecting A Domain Name That Doesn’t Suck

Choose a .com domain – avoid .net, .info, .org, etc… Maybe you’re going to find a great deal on a .name domain name but really, stick to .com. It sounds more professional and it is much easier to remember than any other extension.

Avoid dashes – again, dashes sound unprofessional and kinda messy when you say the domain name out loud.

Avoid numbers – they are hard to remember and can be confusing.

Keep it short – more than 15 characters in a domain name is too long.

Include keywords – including keywords will help your search engine rankings.

Check Your Domain Name Availability

domainMany websites let you check the availability of domain names. I like to use the tool provided by GoDaddy. Enter the domain name you want to check and if it’s not available, it will give you several alternatives.

Once you have found the right domain name for you, next step is registering it.

How to Register A Domain Name

While you can buy domain names from hundreds of different websites, I like to buy mine from GoDaddy. Their website is very simple and prices are in the average. What’s great with GoDaddy is the support they offer. They have a very friendly customer service staff on call 24/7. So you know if you have a question, there is always someone to help you, for free!

I also like GoDaddy because it’s a large company and I know it’s not going out of business anytime soon. Many websites can offer domain name for a bit cheaper but I really don’t mind paying $3 extra per year to have the safety an established company like GoDaddy can provide.

Once you have found a domain available on GoDaddy, start the registration process. Like any other domain registrar, GoDaddy will try to upsell you on a bunch of stuff. Say “no, thanks” to any option they might offer you.

You do not need anything but the domain name. Proceed to check out and give your credit card information. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.


Now that you have your own domain name, next step will be to find a host.