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Google’s biggest enemy is Google

Google MobileIs Microsoft Google’s biggest threat? Nope. Is it Yahoo? Think again… Ben Kunz at Business Week wrote a very good article about how Google is actually its own biggest threat.

Google makes money by having ads displayed on your screen, whether when you’re doing a search on Google (these ads at the very top and on the side) but also on “affiliate” websites that use Adsense, Google’s advertising platform for publishers. For those of you who don’t know, publishers can make money from Google when they display Google ads on their site. Some people make really good money! Anyways.

With the whole world going mobile, there is less and less space on a screen to display ads. A desktop computer screen can have up to 15 ads without looking too intrusive. Now, imagine 15 of these ads on your iPhone screen…. The screen would be cluttered and you would most likely navigate to another page.

It is clear that desktop computers are dead. Well, not really, you will always need a desktop computer but whether you want it or not, in the next few years you will spend more time online from your phone than from your home computer. Steve Jobs (whom I hate), once said something true. He said that one day, everyone will have his computer in his pocket. He was laughed at when he said that (I think it was some 10 years ago). As much as I hate Jobs, this guy is a visionary. He’s started the whole laptop revolution. He’s going even further with the iPhone.

So what is Google gonna do? First, Google is creating its own cellphone interface: Android. Android will probably be close to what a computer screen looks like, allowing Google to put plenty of ads in your face. Read the full article to learn more…

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