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Google serioulsy pisses me off

What I think of Google is no secret. They are evil. Very little people realize it yet but I can tell you that in a few years from now, we will see more and more anti-Google groups popping up.

I just read an article on about the Yahoo/Google ad deal, and here is what pissed me off:

Schmidt said he wanted to keep Yahoo out of Microsoft’s hands largely because he was concerned the world’s largest software maker would abuse the added power it would acquire in e-mail and instant messaging to limit consumer choices.

Ohhhhh, Google was “concerned” people wouldn’t have much choice…. Well, Google doesn’t seem to be much “concerned” about dominating the ad market. They don’t seem much concerned about not leaving web publishers much choice about generating revenues (Adsense is pretty much your only choice).

Google actually shit their pants! They knew if Microsoft was gonna get Yahoo, Google would have taken a huge slap in the face (and a huge drop in ad revenues).

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u r right i hate it i put in one thing i get some i don’t want like no weapons in fable 2 i get Legendary Weapons something i didn’t put in

There are so many more reasons why Google has turned into one big dangerous heap os steaming excrements, here are 2 of them:

– Google has changed weighting of the search algorithm so that specific searches turn up completely different results, e.g. ‘ msvcrt’ used to bring up forum discussions about e.g. crashes with mentioned product AND msvcrt.dll. Now it spams the first pages with completely unrelevant results because it weighs the “msvcrt” term much higher than anything else. In the result the first pages link 50% to irrelevant microsoft pages and the rest is spammage for “download missing DLLs for money” sites. That ends its aptitude as a (re)search tool. In the bigger image, this is a also very powerful and efficient measure to commit censorship without all the black ink.

– Google is providing all the incentive (PR) for and the means of (Google Sites) forum spam and the sad lifes of the stuoid “riches by clicks” crowd. The black hat spamming scumbag company’s increased page rank is your serious company’s loss. Many good places had to close because they couldn’t affort to maintain sites with valuable and rare interest group information. Google is solely responsible for all content-shifting -stealing -dealing -raping there is. It is incredibly BAD for the internet as a whole. It should at least be smashed into parts like Boeing in an antitrust act, instead it keeps growing and gains more power than most governments.

Ik how u feel but now google is fucking deleting all the free download music channels like YouTube converter. Fuck off google you cant own youtubes converter. or dirpy like wtf these people are retarded.

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