Intwition: tracking links on Twitter

intwitionIntwition tracks what people are linking to and talking about on Twitter. The site allows you to enter any domain, and will generate a report on which pages in that domain have been linked to, how many times, and by whom. It works by scanning Twitter’s public feed for posts with links, while resolving any shortened urls (such as tinyurl). What to do with Intwition? Find whose twittering about your website!

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AWESOME idea and implementation. And when I mean awesome, i mean awesome.

What first caught my eye was the nice clean interface but then the actual concept and usability of Intwition made me stay on the website. Not only is it a new Twitter app but it adds a whole new dimension to bringing about hot news from Twitter which is looking to be the next big thing.

My only suggestion is adding a time viewing option like “most tweets in past week, 2 weeks, month, etc” because some people might be interested in beyond the current day.

I see that you have the overall Leaderboard part but first I am wondering is that for all known tweets or just the tweets since launch and do you think at one point it will remain static with the top tweeted links and lose its usefulness?

Overall awesome site, I look forward to more from you and the IdeaShower

Josefina Argüello – Search Engine Optimization

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