iPhone 2 – 3G and GPS but thicker!

Engadget got the scoop (as usual!) about iPhone 2nd Generation.

iPhone 2nd Gen

Here are some details about the new iPhone:

  • same size and shape as 1st gen iPhone
  • will have 3G and………. GPS! Yeeahhhh
  • No more metal on the back, but a glossy black plastic thing, with chrome buttons (sounds nice)
  • Battery is still not removable
  • The phone is thicker than iPhone 1 (probably because of a bigger battery and GPS cheapset)
  • The headphone jack will no longer be recessed
  • Roughly the same size and resolution for the screen

We don’t know yet about the battery life. GPS and 3G are known for being hard on batteries though….

Rumors say that iPhone 2nd Gen will be released 2nd week of June. Oh shit, that’s just when I’m going to El Salvador. I guess I now have to save money for the trip AND for a new phone….

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