Mere Inches, by Jim Houser

Tina and I went drove up to the city of demons angels this Saturday to go see Jim Houser’s exhibition at Merry K Gallery.

Artist Statement: (source: Jonathan LeVine Gallery)

Jim Houser’s paintings are the system by which he actively catalogs the images and noises which command his attention. His installations act to create a map of the contents of his head over the course of a particular period in time. His interests include: listening to the cadence of speech. science and science fiction. sickness and disease. plants and animals. sport. time travel. ghosts. the art of children. secrets. radio. codes and code breaking. words that sound beautiful and mean something terrible, words that sound horrible but mean something wonderful. codes and code breaking.

Here are some of the camera shots I took.

Jim Houser doesn’t have a website but you can see more of his work at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery.

Also read his interview by Shepard Fairey in Swindle Magazine.