Microsoft wants you to make a difference

Microsoft I\'m InitiativeThe i’m Initiative from Microsoft makes helping social causes easy. Every time you use Windows Live Messenger or Windows Live Hotmail, Microsoft will share a portion of their advertising revenue with some of the world’s most effective social cause organizations. They’ve set no cap on the amount they’ll donate to each organization. The sky’s the limit. And it’s free!

i’m is about making a difference. Not in a huge expensive way, not in a time-consuming way. But in a simple, effective way.

It’s an opt-in and fairly unintrusive service that just puts an extra i’m-specific advertisement at the end of your emails, or an i’m icon next to your buddy list name. The more email and messages users send, the more money Microsoft donates to the charities of those users’ choices.

With every e-mail and instant message, you help address an issue you feel passionate about, including poverty, child protection, disease, environmental degradation and animal protection.

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