More Indications That iPhone 2 Is Coming Soon

An AT&T memo has been leaked and make believe the company is getting ready for a “new product launch”… AT&T requires its employees NOT to take vacations between 5/15 and 6/12 “to participate in the heavy selling period”.

Is AT&T getting its employees ready for the new Motorola flip phone? Haha, probably not. They issued a similar memo last year for the launch of the iPhone. It is very reasonab;le to think they are getting ready for the 3G iPhone.

AT&T Memo To Its Employees:

AT&T Mobility

Vacation Schedules

To: All Employees

Last year at this time we asked that all vacations be scheduled before June 15 or after July 15, to ensure adequate store staffing and to give everyone an equal opportunity to benefit from an exciting product launch. Thanks to your hard work, we experienced excellent sales during the mid-summer period. This year, the numbers you produced in 2007 will be hard to beat; but as a business, we must rise to the challenge, and make every effort to exceed last year’s sales results. Your management team is counting on you!

We’ll meet the challenge “head-on” by providing an exciting Summer Promotional Launch to enable your sales to soar. We again anticipate heavier than normal customer traffic in our stores, providing an excellent earning opportunity for every front line retail sales consultant (RSC) in company owned retail stores.

To ensure proper staffing during this period, Sales personnel planning to take approved time off are encouraged to schedule their vacations before June 15 or after July 12 to participate in the heavy selling period

Previously approved vacation will be allowed where voluntary rescheduling is not feasible

No additional vacation will be approved for 6/15 – 7/12

If customer traffic is manageable, there may be an opportunity to approve vacation toward the end of the period. Managers will communicate updates as they become available.

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