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What? You’re Still Not On Twitter?!

The following is a discussion I started in the San Diego Business group on LinkedIn. So far, no one commented on it so I guess people still don’t get it. I though it was an interesting write so I decided to post it on my blog as well.

If you’ve been on planet Earth within the last 6 months or so, you most likely heard about Twitter.

I’m not going to go into details about why you need to be on Twitter but just let me ask you these few questions:
– do you think email is useful to your business?
– do you think a website is useful to your business?
– do you think social media is useful to your business?
– do you think blogging is useful to your business?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, well, I have to be a little bit in your face and tell you that your business is going to fail. If you don’t take advantage of these tools right now, your competition will, and they will win!

Let’s go back to Twitter… You might not understand Twitter yet. But that’s fine, right now, I’m not asking you to understand it, I’m just asking you to create an account and start using Twitter, just a couple minutes everyday.

It is important you create a Twitter account now so you can register your brand/name before someone else does! Twitter URLs will soon be as valuable as a website URL!!!

It took me a couple months to understand Twitter and really enjoy it and use it as you’re supposed too. These days, I spend hours on Twitter everyday. Yes, hours! Twitter is a great way for me to generate revenues simply by talking to people, and sharing information.

I have about 14,000 people that follow me on Twitter. At any given time, when I say something on Twitter, I can direct about 200 of these people to any website I want. Isn’t that just amazing?

Anyways, I guess the goal of this post was to briefly introduce you to Twitter.

If you have any question or any doubt about Twitter, just ask me and I will do my best to help you out.

If you’re already on Twitter, please follow me

Tweet you later ;)

13 replies on “What? You’re Still Not On Twitter?!”

I use twitter as a sideblog. I’ve had very little success in using it as a promotion tool. I guess people just don’t give a shit.

It’s a number game. The more targeted followers you have, the more you can promote. I use Twitter mainly to promote my iPhone blog and it drives thousands of visits a day to it!

Twitter is the new generation of communicating, promoting and advertising. Well, the person behind this great idea really thought of something new. Something that has a different style in promoting. It is true that this is a number game. The more followers you have the more you can twit your way into success.

I have been using twitter for the past few months. I thought that it was useless at first because I didn’t have that much followers. But as the number of my followers increased that is when I realized the worth and use of twitter. Actually, twitter is really a nice “tool” for communicating and promoting if you know how to use it and if you know how to increase your number of followers.

Oh…not another social network! I feel so much pressure now, after having to take care of my facebook account I have to deal with Twitter too. I’m telling you, this social networking is becoming a second job :)

I like using social networks both Facebook and Twitter are useful to connect witn people I know. Some of them use Facebook others use Twitter. Twitter’s capability can support other efforts if not only interested in keeping in touch with your close friends.

I’m sort of wary of social networking sites, I’ve rarely used/maintained one since they’ve been cropping up over the last seven years ago. I had/have a MySpace page, created years ago at the start of the craze, but I never update it and only use it every once in awhile to view other MySpace pages. I have like 0 friends on MySpace. I guess my major concern is that I don’t have the energy to actually keep one updated and maintained, and what’s the use of having one if you’re not going to maintain it?

lets face it- twitter and all those social sites its just a waste of time- especially twitter- u can see it- the people are using it on the commercial basic

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