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Say hello to their little friend

This huge shark is so scary! Photo taken off the coast of Australia:


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omg!!! if THAT came up behind me i dont no wot id do!!!! i think id probs faint first or try to shoot it or something…..*shudders*…

this is deffinatley fake cause if a shark that big was behind them the photographer would have been gone by then and plus that shark would have attacked by now so its deffinately fake

WOW THAT IS SO REAL AND SOOOOOOOO SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT GET THIS BECAUSE WHY DIDNT THEY LOOK BEHIND THEM HOW SO SCARY :( <3 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, its a known fake picture. Its really a couple in Australia on vacation, but the shark was added in later. Still an awesome pic though.

This is actually a real picture, this couple was off scuba diving in Australia, with their son who was the one who took the picture. They were about to take the picture when the shark swam up behind them. The son started to panic and signal to go up, so the father signaled that he was OK. The son quickly took the picture, and swam up to the boat so that his parents would follow him. Once on the boat (safe) he told them what he had seen and they didn’t believe him. Back at the hotel, he showed them the picture on the computer and this is what they saw.

If this was real, which clearly it isn’t, then i’m prety sure that at least one of the 3 would be dead….or we would have heard about the shark attack. Definitelyy fake but major props!

that is so scary. we think that, that is real. and they must be brave and its not fake at all. it makes us shiver. hahahahahaha you guys are so wrong that is so REAL!!!!

the picture is clearly not fake i belive the story behined it that Ellie gave it dosent even look edited in and they would have paniked if they saw it sharks attak from he bottom so yes they would have been safe they also would have been right abouve the boat if the shark did try attak it would have been harpoond by the people on the boat they must hav had an expert with them hat would have known

you can also ward off a shark by punching its gills or nose better to go for the gills though or better yet carry a dagger with u at all times under the sea

You know, the shark might be fake, it might be a surviving megaladon but the shark didn’t have to attack. So stop saying that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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