Obey Street Action In NY

Check out Shepard Fairey’s blog for some pictures of its artwork spotted in NYC.


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The Zero Energy Media Wall


GreenPix – Zero Energy Media Wall – is a groundbreaking project applying sustainable and digital media technology to the curtain wall of Xicui entertainment complex in Beijing, near the site of the 2008 Olympics.

Featuring the largest color LED display worldwide and the first photovoltaic system integrated into a glass curtain wall in China, the building performs as a self-sufficient organic system, harvesting solar energy by day and using it to illuminate the screen after dark, mirroring a day’s climatic cycle.

The project was designed and implemented by Simone Giostra & Partners.


The Cans Festival

Banksy invited artists to join him in London for The Cans Festival stencil party, this time not in a building but in a tunnel. With permission, the tunnel was closed down to make way for an onslaught of color and sculptural installations.


Jim Houser’s Solo Exhibition

Jim Houser is having a solo exhibition called Mere Inches.

The show runs from runs until May 24th at Merry Karnowsky Gallery, in Los Angeles.

If you’re in LA, you have no excuse for not going!

Jim Houser


New blog design: tell me what you think

I spent a few hours last night tweaking codes to come up with this new design. It all started with Angie (my co-worker) telling me she didn’t like the old theme. That was just what I needed to get on it and make it look better (or so I think…).

There are still a few things that I can’t figure out such as the image border. All images have a grey border and I like this. The problem is I don’t want this border for the sidebar and the footer images. I know I have to create a new attribute in the CSS file but I can’t figure out how to do this. Can any of you help?