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Surf pictures of my trip to El Salvador

I went to El Salvador last June to get some good surf with a few friends and my cousin. That was a great trip, even though I’m still trying to recover from it. You may want to read my previous post about this trip

One of the guys who were surfing with us took a bunch of pictures of us surfing but he never got to put it on his SmugMug account until recently. I downloaded all the pictures about me and added them to my Flickr account and created a slideshow, just for you. How lucky, huh?

That’s crazy how a few surf shots can make you realize how much you suck. I know I’m not an amazing surfer, and although I learned a great deal during this trip, I still think I look like a kook. Oh well, I’m not there to win the WCT, I’m just trying to have fun, and in most cases, I do have fun.


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Meeting the Mom

I went to Illinois this past weekend to meet Tina’s family. While a little scared to meet the Mom at first, this trip turned out to be very agreeable. Tina’s Mom, step dad, sister, and Grandma really made me feel like part of the family.

Here are a few shots that were taken during this trip.

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Check me out in Riviera Magazine

Last month, Tina, Jason, Scotty and I went to a party thrown by our friend Nate for UnScene, the Urban Navigator, at the Pearl Hotel in Point Loma.

Riviera Magazine was here shooting pix and we got to be in front of the lens.

Jason, Scotty and I made it in this month issue and I have to say we look good! I would have preferred a shot of Tina and I but she was away when the photograph took pictures of us…

You can see the electronic version here, page 118-119.