Top 10 Green Gadgets

All these gadgets have the benefit of being eco friendly as they don’t use any batteries.

10 – LightShip – Solar Powered Light

9 – SolarStore – Inflatable Solar Panels

8 – Electricity Free Fridge

7 – Solar Cooker – Flame Free BBQ

6 – Wind-Up MP3 Player

5 – Personal Wind Turbine

4 – Solar-Powered MP3 Player

3 – Fiber Optic Solar Lighting

2 – LightCap 200

1 – Solar Battery Recharger

One reply on “Top 10 Green Gadgets”

Hey, I noticed this is about solar without batteries. If you notice in the details they do have batteries with the solar. The technology is not possible as of today to have a solar product without batteries. Just my two cents. Still awesome products though! Cheers!

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