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Virgin America Rocks

Virgin America LogoI hate to fly! To me, flying in economy class is like riding in a bus that has wings. I rarely had very good experiences with airlines.

This week I flew Virgin America (different from Virgin Atlantic) for the first time and I have to say I was impressed. The quality of the service on ground and in flight was outstanding. The staff is super friendly and, they all look good! Yes, they do! It’s like the myth of the hot air attendant is real again…

Virgin America

The in flight experience is very pleasant too. You have a comfortable seat, some decent leg room and your own TV screen with access to satellite TV, movies, videos, games, etc… You even have your own electricity outlet to charge your laptop.

All this for a very affordable price. Round trip to San Diego to San Francisco was only $130. It can get as low as $80 round trip if you’re not too picky on the departure time.]

While they don’t have any airline partners in their frequent flier program (they are not even partner of Virgin Atlantic, which is kinda strange), you can get a free ticket after as little as 4 round trips.

The design of the plane is really cool too. I was under the impression I was flying in Austin Power’s private jet, haha.

I really recommend this airline.