How I Make Money Online

make money online

When you meet someone for the first time, there is always a time in the conversation when you’re going to ask each other what you do for a living. When I was working for the man, the answer was easy. I would simply say “I’m the Vice President of Marketing for a web company that offers various services to franchise companies”.

Now that I am self-employed and that I generate 100% of my revenues on the Internet, I find it a bit harder to explain what I do in one short and concise sentence. The best answer would be that I make money online. I’ve found that telling this usually generates about 60 more questions about the possible ways to make a living off a computer and an Internet connection.

In this article, I would like to discuss the various ways I make money online, mostly through blogging, content publishing and projects for clients. (more…)

7 Tips to Be Presentable On Twitter


Being on Twitter is like being at a cocktail party. Would you go to a cocktail party wearing shorts, a t-shirt and sandals? Of course not. You want to look presentable on Twitter. Even better, you want to look good and sexy.

While Twitter is not a beauty pageant, having a nice and attracting profile page will draw interest and trust in you, ultimately helping you build a follower base. Just like a beautiful woman attracts all the guys and is the talk of all women at a party, we’re going to do just that with you Twitter page. (more…)

Twitter: It’s About Now!

right here right now

I sometimes look at how people interact with Twitter and it surprises me to see how few understand take advantage of the “instantaneousity” of this tool.

Let’s take my fiancée for example. She rarely goes on Twitter and when she does she usually spends 5 minutes scrolling down to see what the 5 people she follows were saying up to 10 days ago. That is not the way Twitter was intended to be.

Twitter is a tool designed to capture the present, not the past.

Don’t bother looking back at what happened on Twitter hours or days ago because it is obsolete. Focus on what’s happening now!

Of course one can argue that you can do whatever you want on Twitter and that is your right to look at what people were tweeting last month. Sure it is, but how relevant is this information now?

How do you use Twitter?

7 Options to Tweak Right After Creating A WordPress Blog


Congratulations, you just set up a WordPress blog, now what? WordPress is pretty much a turn key platform but there are still a few things you need to tweak in order to unleash its full potential.

In this article, I will share with you 7 options that I like to set right after installing a WordPress blog. Obviously these settings will not fit every one but I think they are good base for a solid blog. (more…)

How to Set Up Your WordPress Blog

wordpress logo

This article is going to show you how to set up a WordPress blog. Before setting up WordPress and starting blogging, you will need to register a domain name and find a hosting plan. That might sound obvious to most of you but I want to make sure to be as clear as possible for beginners.

In my last article, I suggested you use DreamHost for several reasons. I use this hosting company and have been very satisfied with them. For the purpose of this article, I will assume that your domain name is registered with GoDaddy and that your host is DreamHost. If you have a different domain registrar and host, steps would be somewhat similar. (more…)

How to Find A Host For A Blog


In a previous article, I gave a few tips on how to find and register a domain name. The next step to setting up your own blog is to find a good hosting plan.

People are sometimes confused about what hosting is. Many think the hosting is the domain name. It’s not. A domain name is the “address” of your site (ie. A hosting plan is where the actual content of your site will reside online.

Think about it as a hard drive. The hosting company provides a hard drive where your website will be stored and accessible to everyone thanks to the magics of the Internet.

There are tons of information online on how to find a hosting plan and I’m certainly not going to try to reinvent the wheel. I’ve been working with the same host for about 3 years now and I couldn’t be more satisfied with them, so I might be a little partial here… (more…)

How to Find And Register A Good Domain Name


A good domain name can be a very valuable asset for your business or your online presence. In many cases, it will appear on your business cards, stationery, etc… In short, it is completely part of your branding.

Finding the right domain name is not always easy and can be a decision that will stick to you. This article will give you an overview on how to find, buy, and register a domain name. Before hurrying to register a domain name, make sure you take the following advice into consideration. (more…)

How Google Killed My Online Business Overnight (And How They Couldn’t Care Less)

A few months ago I wrote about my dependency to Google and how they could totally shut down my business in no time. Maybe someone at Google read me and wanted to prove me right. After a year of using Adwords (and over $22,000 later), Google decided I wasn’t good enough for its online advertising service and disabled my account. Forever. (more…)