7 reasons why you don’t get much traffic from search engines

Search Engine trafficSEOmoz had a great post highlighting 7 very reasons why your search engine traffic sucks. While this will not change the face of the SEO world, I think it should be an interesting read for someone who wants to learn the basics of SEO.

I’m just going to mention these 7 reasons and you can read the original post should you want to learn more about one particular topic.

  1. You just launched your website and you haven’t established a certain level of trust with search engines yet
  2. You have poor (non unique) or very little content
  3. Search engines can’t access your content (ie. you have session IDs, you use flash, etc…)
  4. You have duplicate content
  5. You used black-hat SEO tricks such as reciprocal linking schemes, hidden text….
  6. You’ve ignored the basics: meta tags, static URL, content-rich pages
  7. You are targeting the wrong keywords

Rand Fish explains this in more detail so check out his post for more info.

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