All South Park episodes online

RandyWanna watch episode 3 of season 8? No problem, simply go to This website is a new business venture between South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker and Comedy Central.

They probably did this to make money (revenue split of 50/50 between Comedy and Stone/Parker) but more importantly to slow down the broadcasting of South Park episodes on sites such as BitTorrents. etc…

The downside is (you know, there is always a downside), that videos are not embeddable (which means you can’t add it to your awesome myspace page) and there are ads includes in the streams.

The website is very “flash based” which makes it look good but a little slow. At any rate, it is pretty cool you can now stream any South Park episode.

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Wow that looks like an excellent website – Unfortunatly being from the UK we can’t view the episodes dues to ‘contractural reasons’ =(

Hopefully they will sort that, South Park is awesome =)


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