Hispanic population hits 45.5 million

I recently wrote an article about minorities in franchising and how it is important for franchise companies to target minorities, especially the Hispanic communities as they are soon to be majorities…

The US Census Bureau reported today that the number of Hispanics in the United States grew to 45.5 million last year, and the country’s largest minority group now makes up more than 15 percent of the US population.

Hispanics surpassed blacks as the largest U.S. minority in 2003 and continued to widen the gap by growing at nearly three times the pace of the black population, Census Bureau figures showed.

The white population was 199.1 million in 2007 while the total minority population was 102.5 million, the Census Bureau said.

Four states and Washington, D.C., had populations where minorities were in the majority. Hawaii was the largest majority-minority state, with 75 percent of the population belonging to minority groups.

Washington, D.C., had a 68 percent minority population followed by New Mexico with 58 percent, California at 57 percent and Texas with 52 percent.

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Just one more reason why companies should seriously think about translating their websites into Spanish and doing Spanish language SEO.

Unlike previous waves of immigrants, the Hispanic community is hanging onto Spanish as their first language and roughly half of them are searching the Internet in Spanish.

Sure, they can search in English, and if they don’t find what they are looking for in Spanish, they will search in English…but if your competition hits them first in Spanish, they will never find your website.

Do you have to use the same SEO techniques to optimize a site in Spanish if the site is hosted in the US? Or should you try to have your website hosted in Mexico? I understand that Google pays attention to what the language of your site is and where it is hosted…

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