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Pittsburgh and Los Angeles have the worst pollution

Air PollutionPittsburgh is the worst U.S. city for short-term particle pollution, the American Lung Association announced on Thursday.

It was the first time a city outside California topped any of the association’s three lists for different kinds of pollution in its annual “State of the Air” report.

Greater Los Angeles was listed as the worst city for ground-level ozone (aka smog) and year-round particle pollution. Pittsburgh had the second-worst year-round particle pollution, the association said.

Find out how your city ranks in this State of the Air report.

2 replies on “Pittsburgh and Los Angeles have the worst pollution”

I live in Pittsburgh and know since this report we are trying to better Pittsburgh, its a lot better then it used to be. We have one of the largest if not the largest green building in the states.

Pittsburgh has been striving to go green in the last few years. I am a contractor that tries my best to make people see that green technologies are the way to go. I make them look at the up front investment being paid, and show them how much per year they could be saving, and show them the returns on today’s markets for CD,bonds, ect.

I would love to see the report for 2009.

Mark Bechler
Pittsburgh contractors

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