Is this link building technique really working?

BacklinksI recently recommended that we use blogs versus “normal websites” for some of the World Franchising Network websites, including, 100 Top Franchises, Minority Franchising, and Hottest New Franchises.

My goal is to set up these 3 blogs on 3 different servers and link them back to our main website, Why hosting them on different servers? Simply because Google is smart enough to realize when websites are hosted on the same server and linking back to one particular website. If Google finds out you have many websites pointing to the same website, you might be penalized. Being on different servers, Google has no way to know these 3 blogs are ours. It will then give us credit as a good information resource since these three blogs link to us.

So far, I’ve only set up and it’s being populated on a daily basis by one of our employees. Each post links back to the franchise’s full profile on

I don’t know if it’s somewhat related but since we started this (about 1 week ago), out traffic for as gone up by about 20%! Not too bad, huh? This might not be related at all and we might just have “a good month” in term of traffic. I guess future will tell.