Why the US should NOT boycott the Olympics

Boycott China OlympicsAlthough the idea of protecting human rights and bringing democracy in China looks good on paper, I believe this is not doable for any country who wishes to stay in good terms with China.

Let’s face it, China is the largest market in the world and a country simply can’t afford to reject it’s largest potential clients.

I came across this great article on Business Week. The author Diane Brady has a very good point there:

For business, a boycott would be destructive and hypocritical. Many companies are already tripping over each other to woo China’s 1.3 billion consumers. They are engaged in joint ventures that have them manufacturing equipment, selling services and otherwise actively doing business within the country. They rely on imports from China or may be exporting to there, too.

I am pro human rights, pro peace but I truly believe boycotting Chinese Olympics would really hurt the US. What do you think?