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No More DoFollow For Me!


A while back, when I started this blog, I installed the DoFollow plugin which removes the nofollow attribute of the URL of your commenters and any URL included in the comment itself. The reason I installed this plugin was to quickly get many backlinks to this blog.

Indeed, when your blog is “dofollow”, you get featured on many sites or blogs that give list of dofollow blogs. Doing this got me listed on a few hundred blogs in no time creating a large amount of backlinks, which is probably the reason why my blog has a PR4.

The downside of this as you can imagine is that you get quite a bit of spam comment. Akismet handles most of it but from time to time I had to manually delete comments. But most people commenting on my blog just to get a link back are actually very well behaved. Most didn’t abuse it and left genuinely interesting comments. In this case, I didn’t delete the comment.

Today I decided it is time to go back to the nofollow rule. My blog is clearly not intended to make money or anything like that so I really don’t care about traffic and Google PR, which in my opinion doesn’t even mean anything anyways. Besides, I will probably remain listed as a dofollow blog on many sites so I don’t think I’m gonna suffer any link juice dicrease.

7 replies on “No More DoFollow For Me!”

@Clay – well first, you really need your own domain name and host it somewhere else. Blogger is very limited… You should really consider switching to WordPress! I can help you if you have any question.

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No more “do follow” I am sorry to hear it. I always spent at least 4 or 5 minutes putting together a good comment and I specifically only commented on articles that I felt I had some in site.
I’m sorry that so many spammers ruined ti for the rest of us. Yeah I commented for links but, I put my best effort into it.

Thanks for some good topics and and articles but, I will have to spend my time elsewhere.

Good luck

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