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Someone lost his job today at Amazon

It was first reported by Twitter that around 10 a.m., shut down, giving an error code to anyone visiting it. It is now back on track but Amazon lost big money.

Amazon PR:

The Amazon retail site was down for approximately 2 hours earlier today (beginning around 10:25) – and we’re bringing the site back up.

Amazon’s systems are very complex and on rare occasions, despite our best efforts, they may experience problems. We work to minimize any disruption and to get the site back as quickly as possible.

Amazon’s web services were not affected nor were our international sites.

According to TechCrunch, Amazon loses $31,000 per minute they are not working. That’s about $3,286,000! No doubt that someone got canned today at Amazon…

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i believe that as human beings we must not be shy about our odd jobs.we must be happy that in this way we are making money to feed our family and continuing the human race.It was really a good conversation keep up the good work

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