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The declaration of war from Fidel Castro to the US, published 50 years later

The Cuban newspaper Granma published yesterday the declaration of war to the United States that Fidel Castro wrote 50 years ago. In this card dated June 5th 1958, written to his wife Celia, the Cuban leader who’s leading a guerrilla against a dictatorial Cuba, is disgusted of the help the US offers to Cuba.

I swore to myself that Americans will pay a high price for what they are doing. When this war is over, another one, longer and larger, will start for me: I’m going to throw the war on them [the US]. I am realizing this is my true destiny.

According to Granma, this card was written just before the bombing by Cuba, with US backup, that destroyed the house of a farmer, Mario Sariol. Mario showed Fidel Castro the remains of a US missile.