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Google hits a new high

Hitwise released its latest April report and (surprise) Google has again hit a new high with 67.9% of all searches. Yahoo is second with 20.3% and Microsoft is far behind with only 6.3%.



Myspace, FaceBook and Google Embrace Data Portability

data portabilityThe 3 bigs are starting to embrace data portability by making available sets of APIs for Open Social participants to pull profile information from social networks into third party websites.

MySpace launched Data Availability on Thursday. The following day, FaceBook rushed to announce FaceBook Connect, and Google is expected to present Google’s Friend Connect on Monday.

This whole Data Portability thing will be a way to securely send personal profile data, including friend lists, presence/status information, etc., to third party applications. The primary benefit of these services is to allow users to maintain a single friends list and to coordinate social activities across different sites that perform different services.

Michael Arrington at TechCrunch says:

The reason these companies are are rushing to get products out the door is because whoever is a player in this space is likely to control user data over the long run. If users don’t have to put profile and friend information into multiple sites, they will gravitate towards one site that they identify with, and then allow other sites to access that data.

Google will have to catch up with MySpace and FaceBook as it doesn’t have a gigantic pool of active users like the 2 social networks sites already have. What? Google is not leading the way for once?

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Microsoft now hiring Google Killer

Found in one of Microsoft’s European offices:

microsoft google killer

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Google serioulsy pisses me off

What I think of Google is no secret. They are evil. Very little people realize it yet but I can tell you that in a few years from now, we will see more and more anti-Google groups popping up.

I just read an article on about the Yahoo/Google ad deal, and here is what pissed me off:

Schmidt said he wanted to keep Yahoo out of Microsoft’s hands largely because he was concerned the world’s largest software maker would abuse the added power it would acquire in e-mail and instant messaging to limit consumer choices.

Ohhhhh, Google was “concerned” people wouldn’t have much choice…. Well, Google doesn’t seem to be much “concerned” about dominating the ad market. They don’t seem much concerned about not leaving web publishers much choice about generating revenues (Adsense is pretty much your only choice).

Google actually shit their pants! They knew if Microsoft was gonna get Yahoo, Google would have taken a huge slap in the face (and a huge drop in ad revenues).

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Google Adsense For Search

adsense for searchYesterday, Google officially announced the availability of AdSense for Search for use in combination with the powerful Google Custom Search service, something not possible until now and potentially very welcome to both small and large professional web publishers looking for further ways to optimize their content monetization opportunities while helping their readers find more easily the information they are looking for.

Overview of AdSense for Search Integration With Custom Search:

  • Create a custom, personalized search engine in no time at all
  • Customize the appearance of search results and ads
  • Tune results and ads to your site’s content and audience
  • Get more comprehensive site search results with improved indexing
  • Earn revenue while helping your users find what they’re looking for

Here is a short video that tell you all about it…


VisualRank – Google Image Search

On its Google Research blog, the company has offered a brief introduction to VisualRank, a system that sorts out images by means of visual cues rather than by text associated with the images.

The VisualRank system is not yet live, and Google intimated that the image search technology would not become more widely available anytime soon. It did say that “in the coming months” it would offer more details on an “approach that has an easy integration with both text and visual clues.”


Today’s Hot Searches On Google

Here are some of the hot search queries today on Google.

  • keoni kai lucas
  • charles nelson riley
  • a full cup
  • brandon wrestling
  • brandon high school wrestling
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    Google’s biggest enemy is Google

    Google MobileIs Microsoft Google’s biggest threat? Nope. Is it Yahoo? Think again… Ben Kunz at Business Week wrote a very good article about how Google is actually its own biggest threat.

    Google makes money by having ads displayed on your screen, whether when you’re doing a search on Google (these ads at the very top and on the side) but also on “affiliate” websites that use Adsense, Google’s advertising platform for publishers. For those of you who don’t know, publishers can make money from Google when they display Google ads on their site. Some people make really good money! Anyways.

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    Google is the most powerful brand!

    For the 3rd year in a row, Google has grabbed the top spot in a list of the top most powerful global brands. Its brand value grew 30 percent since last year’s report to surpass $86 billion.

    Microsoft, for the record, once again came in third, with a $70.9 billion brand value. (General Electric once again took second place, at $71.4 billion).

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    Google is going to index your DNA

    Google DNAAfter investing $4.4 million in 2007 in 23andMe, a genetic screening company, Google just invested in a new DNA screening startup called Navigenics.