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Microsoft getting closer and closer to Yahoo! purchase… YES!

Yahoo Inc posted a better-than-expected quarterly profit on Tuesday but failed to do well enough to convince many on Wall Street that Microsoft Corp needs to raise its takeover bid.

“Our board and management team continue to be open to any and all alternatives, including a Microsoft deal. ” Said CEO Jerry Yang.

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FaceBook is so annoying

I never liked FaceBook. I created an account a few months ago just to see how it FaceBook Sucksworks. After adding a few friends (actual friends), I quickly became annoyed and overwhelmed by the amount of useless information.

I had heard that FaceBook was a cleaner MySpace. This is wrong! FaceBook is everything but clean. All these crappy little apps are bothering the hell out of me. The page is cluttered and make it very hard to read or understand what you’re doing.


Endorsing Twitter

I very rarely endorse products or services (besides the iPhone;-) but I’d like to share a new website I really like with you guys.

TwitterYou may already know about it. It’s called Twitter. is one of these new social networking sites that I believe is the future of the Internet. Anyways. Here is the pitch about Twitter: it is a service that allows you to know what your friends (or family or favorite band or whatever) is doing at all time.