Top 5 Twitter Mobile Apps

ReadWriteWeb published today a list of the most popular Twitter apps according to the blogosphere. They ranked them according to different criteria: overall, desktop apps, mobile apps, and web apps.

I chose to only show the top 5 Twitter mobile apps. Visit ReadWriteWeb for the full list.

Top 5 Twitter Mobile Apps:

  1. Hahlo (that’s the one I use on my iPhone)
  2. Cetwit
  3. Twitter Answers
  4. Twapper
  5. Twittai
iPhone Music

iSlsk: filesharing for iPhone

Developer Errrick created iSlsk, a new filesharing client for jailbroken iPhones that works with the Soulseek network, by basing it on open source versions of the client for the Mac.

iSlsk lets iPhone users search for and download files directly on their phone. The software also imports downloaded files to the iPod music database so that they can be played with native iPhone controls.


Wallet Cards in Your iPhone

Enough of all these membership cards for the grocery store, the gym, or other retailers! Some smart dude came up with a simple, yet brilliant idea. He scanned all his memberships cards and synced them over to his iPhone.

To test it out I went to the local hardware store and asked the girl behind the counter if she could scan the barcode from my phone. The first look I got was pure amazement. To her the physical card was transformed into a picture on a shiny device. On top of that the barcode was scanned successfully. The result; a slightly confused girl and a happy me.

It obviously works fine. I’ve always wanted to try this with my airline boarding pass. Maybe I should give it a try next time I fly.

scan cards


New iPhone rumored to have 3G, GPS, mobile TV, and video conferencing

An article published today in Swiss newspaper Le Matin suggests that iPhone 2nd Generation will soon be available in Switzerland and will have cool features such as 3G, GPS (this is no news), but also Mobile TV and 2-way video chat.

The phone is also supposed to come with a more powerful processor. Now my question is “what about batteries life?”


iPhone unavailable at Online Apple Store – we’re getting closer to 3G

iphone store

The launch of the long-expected 3G iPhone is imminent… The iPhone is now unavailable at many Apple Stores but also at the Online Apple Store in the US and in the UK.


UK running out of iPhone. Getting ready for 3G iPhone?

The message is pretty clear… Next step is 3G iPhone. Yeahh!

iphone uk canceled


AT&T offering free wifi to iPhone users – part 2

AT&T’s iPhone website has been updated to reveal that each iPhone plan now includes access to their “more than 17,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, including Starbucks all for use in the U.S.”

It was first revealed last week that AT&T had quietly begun offering iPhone users access to their Wi-Fi hotspots for free (including Starbucks and Barnes & Noble). No official announcement had been made, however, and the service was abruptly turned off a few days later.

AT&T has remained quiet about this new offering, but it’s clear they will be officially delivering this service shortly.

Business iPhone

Sprint’s $100 Million Anti-iPhone Ad Campaign… Stupid!

Sprint is launching a $100 million advertising campaign for the Sprint Instinct, their attempt at an iPhone competitor. Gizmodo has two of the spots, and I suggest you watch them.

The ads put the Instinct and iPhone side by side for comparison, with overly-loud and abrasive music and narration. It looks like they tried to make them amusing, but they failed rather miserably.

Sprint is spending $100 million on pointing out the Instinct’s faster network and GPS-integration, while the iPhone will have at least 3G, and most likely GPS as well, in a few weeks.

Does Sprint have a VP of Marketing?

Internet iPhone

Top 10 Apps Download Websites

Looking for apps for Windows, OSX or Linux? Want to pimp your iPhone, Myspace or Facebook? Here is a selection of the top 10 resources:


More Indications That iPhone 2 Is Coming Soon

An AT&T memo has been leaked and make believe the company is getting ready for a “new product launch”… AT&T requires its employees NOT to take vacations between 5/15 and 6/12 “to participate in the heavy selling period”.

Is AT&T getting its employees ready for the new Motorola flip phone? Haha, probably not. They issued a similar memo last year for the launch of the iPhone. It is very reasonab;le to think they are getting ready for the 3G iPhone.